15 juni 2017 - Kajsa Törnroos plaatste:

Forensic Psychiatry at the University Hospital of Gothenburg, Sweden

Sahlgrenska University Hospital is looking for two psychiatrists to join Their team within the forensic psychiatric department in the newly built clinical center in Rågården. The forensic psychiatrist's mission is to providence psychiatric care and rehabilitation to patients' who have been Submitted by the court. The goal is patient 'That Should be printable to live in the community without falling back into crime and addiction. Therefore, it is Important That the patient 'are offered professional scientific based care.

Rågården clinical center is divided into four rehabilitation units, an investigation unit, one emergency unit, one activity center, and an outpatient unit, there is ook one unit for security and administration. As a specialist doctor, you will be offered a lot of interesting projects Regarding future medical care and clinical research. Your main responsibilities include ook treating acutely ill patients. Mainly, patient 'ThatSuffers from psychiatric Illnesses, or at in combination with addiction problems and personality disorders.

As the second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg, with Approximately 550,000 Inhabitants, a city is filled with history and culture. The cosmopolitan city offers a wide range of different activities both for the young and for families with children. Thriving nightlife and a great food culture but usefull easy access to beautiful nature.

We offer:

• Permanent contract after six-month trial period.

• The starting salary with a language level of B2 is 46,000 SEK, 50% language studies and 50% clinical introduction. When the C1 level is Reached, there will be an increasement of the salary to 56.500 SEK for a 3-month trial period. There will be after a permanent contract signed with an individually based salary.

• Training courses within working hours.

• Help to find: apartment, school and kindergarten.

• Invitation to study tour to Sweden after a first interview, to learn more about the region and the work environment.

• Assistance with removal and relocation costs

• Intensive Swedish course, usefull for the family.

• Remuneration during the Swedish language course or 700 € monthly net, a supplement for children or 70 € monthly net, free apartment and travel costs for the family.

All the services or Medi Carrera are free of charge for the candidates. 


• Specialist title in general psychology completed in an EU country. Interest within forensic psychiatry and experience within teaching and research is preferred.

• Availability to complete the Swedish intensive course

• Important personal characteristics for the job Is that the candidate is a good team player with good social skills, a positive attitude, humble and has a good understanding of differences.

Interested? Please send your CV before the 23rd of June, to kajsa@medicarrera.com, or call +34 933 173 715 for more information.

Forensic Psychiatry at the University Hospital of Gothenburg, Sweden
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