Irene Anggreeni

Expat Wellbeing | Therapy & Coaching
Founder & Dance Therapist
Lid sinds:
14 April 2019
Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Alternative Mental Health Care for Internationals, Culture Shock, Adaptation Stress
Over mijzelf:

An international Rotterdammer, dance movement psychotherapist with intercultural & corporate experience. As an ex-engineer/academic migrant who has overcome depression and emotional loneliness, she wants to make mental health problems less of a taboo. She’s launched an integrative therapy program based on creative, embodied (not just talk), mindful values of dance movement psychotherapy. For those, who find words are not (or have been) enough, and need extra community support to pull it through! She is registered with the FVB and works together with the Dutch supplementary insurance.

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  • 14 April 2019
    Irene werd lid van ggz-connect